Hello, I’m Madi.

“Whatever it is that stirs your soul, listen to that. Everything else is just noise.” -Nicole Lyons

This quote. Is everything. I’m shamelessly a glutton for all of the things that I love: fresh air, chocolate, salt water swims, traveling, x’s & o’s, margaritas, pomegranates, and South Africa.

I’m that 22 year old who studied abroad in university, fell in love (with a person and the place), took a hiatus from school to go back, and am rooting down in the place that I now choose to call home. Cape Town ♥.

I grew up in Telluride, Colorado. I had a not-so-average average adolescence, in a town of 2000 people, and a school that justified two days off from school per week for “SKI P.E.” during the winter.

I gained an adventurous soul as I grew up running around in the mountains with a bunch of other crazy kids. I love seeing different people, environments, and parts of the world, and I think travel has been crucial for my personal development.

I have so many places I’ve yet to see, but as soon as I stepped foot in South Africa I knew it was a particularly special place for me. I created this blog because I want to share with you all of the reasons why South Africa struck a chord in my heart, so that maybe it can strike one of yours too. And maybe someday you can come join me in the motherland and see for yourself!